Day 5 Men’s Bible Study

Please comment on Day 5.

3 comments to Day 5 Men’s Bible Study

  • jlugo  says:

    Great way to finish our bible plan, recognizing that we are citizens of heaven. That’s our destination. So no matter what things look or feel like here, we can hold onto that hope.

  • Cesar  says:

    Amen to that Jesse! I just caught up on day 5 & I wanted to note what Paul said in Philippians 3 that we have already been made free & we have our reward in Christ. That’s why he says to rejoice in the Lord! I think its interesting how he mentions to press toward Christ until its time to die because in that moment its when we are to become perfected. He said to hold on & participate in the same sufferings Christ suffered. If not, how will we even be worthy of the things Christ is worthy of. Here is a truth, right now once saved we are princes in training to become kings alongside the King of Kings. Be encouraged Jesse that your placement is positively affecting those around you. Thank you for stepping up!

    • jlugo  says:

      Thank you my brother! This was a great Bible plan. I can’t wait till the next one.

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