Day 4 Men’s Bible Study

Feel free to comment on how God spoke to you in today’s devotional.

4 thoughts on “Day 4 Men’s Bible Study”

  1. Jesus is the Word (John 1). So when we read the Word, we are reading about Jesus, we are getting life, as the Word is alive and active. It’s Spirit according to Jesus Himself. Even the Old Testament scriptures serve to tell us of a future time with Jesus (prophesy, foreshadow). That’s why the devil fights us so hard not to read the Word. So we won’t experience Him in this light and illuminate our lives.

  2. In John 5:9 It says here the man picked up his mat & walked after Jesus had told him too in the verse before. This man, after being what scripture calls an invalid for 38 years, exercised supernatural faith right in that moment! When Jesus had asked him if he wanted to be well the man’s first word was “Sir” which indicates that he knew not who Jesus was. Then he went on to say how he needs help to be put into the pool. Then with authority, Jesus told the man to get up! In that moment the man was cured because the authority in Jesus voice registered in the man’s soul, & by faith he got up, picked up his mat, & walked! Hallelujah! Then later in verse 13 it confirms that when Pharisees asked who had healed the man, he did not know! So to say that yes Jesus is the Word & it was by the Word of God that this man was healed. Jesus is the logos, the rhema, & the LIVING WORD as scripture clearly conveys. Jesus truly is the way, the truth, & the life!

  3. Jesus stated that the Bible is all about him. “These are the very scriptures that testify about me” John 5:39 NIV
    The Bible leaves no stone uncovered on how you live your life

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