Men’s Bible Study

DAY 1 July 8th: ┬áBegin the Bible Reading Plan called “How to Read Your Bible: Video Devotions From Your Time of Grace.” It is on the free YouVersion Bible App. Comment what you got out of today’s devotional by clicking just to the top right of this post where it says “Comments.” Thanks for participating.

5 thoughts on “Men’s Bible Study”

  1. Day 1: God created everything in the world, which reflects something about Him (Romans 1:20). But the most beautiful and greatest creation was saved for the last. It is you and me. Of all creation, We were the only ones created in His image.

  2. Awesome to see that all the earth’s beauty is thanks to God!!! He creates beautiful masterpieces! Time for us to see ourselves as such!!!!!

  3. It’s easy to overlook his greatness in the small things. When something big happens it’s obvious. It’s important to appreciate everything. It stinks that we won’t have hoops this week, but I’m glad that it exists .

  4. Day 1 makes much sense for the main reason being is where I am currently. I am on my journey of getting to know the Lord in a better & more personal way. I’m understanding that God is everywhere, even in our very faces. From the light to the cool breeze that hits your face on a hot day. I’ll share something quick, I was just on the road a few minutes ago & whenever I’m in the car that’s usually when I’m praying. So I remember “I have questions” so I thought to call one of my brothers in Christ who has been walking with the Lord for some time now. As soon as that thought completely formed 2 lightning strikes shot from the sky simultaneously in clear sight! In that moment it was God’s way of telling me, if you have any questions concerning Me, you should ask ME! I just want to say that the greatness of God is immeasurable & if we truly look & listen we will realize He is everywhere!

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