Friday, Hoops Church will be honored by the Nazarene Church at the Florida District Advance conference. We are so blessed to receive this honor, and give all glory to God. Hoops Church is focused on leading young men, women, and their families to Christ through Teaching the Gospel, Discipling and Serving the community. We have seen great progress in our 1st year and expect much more to come. It is our hope to inspire other churches, ministries, and organizations to do the same and live out Matthew 28.

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Congrats once again to those Mustangs from Wekiva winning once again at the Regional level over Boone HS. Orlando/Apopka well represented in Regionals. Keep it up fellas! @top_guard3 @ktm3_ @dway1way

Malcolm won the dunk contest, including a between the legs dunk backwards off the bounce  (Jason Richardson style).