You can’t have John 8:32 without John 8:31. You can’t live in the truth of Jesus if no one is there to #teach you who Jesus and is and who you are in Him. That’s why we devote time each week at Hoops Church to teach the #Word. This past Tuesday we broke up into small groups to go in a little deeper. Stay in the Word, stay hungry and God will fulfill! @churchintheson @metrowestchurch @ablazeboxingoutreach @alexclattenburg @jeff.taylor @themixorlando @theaveya @pastoranthony_77 @jantonio3 @leftygroove @ken_dol_l

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We had a great time. Thanks to God, Apk Calvary, and you guys. God Bless always!

The time for salvation is now! We are so proud of Jeremiah for accepting Jesus as his savior last night! 2 Corinthians 6:2